Children behind wire

new image from the "behind the Wire" series. 54  64 cm mixed media on paper

new image from the “behind the Wire” series. 54 64 cm mixed media on paper


3 Comments on “Children behind wire

  1. this makes me so sad and angry. no government has the right to do this. people who have aids and tv aren’t locked up, neither are junkies. and those have the potential to cause much worse trouble than ‘going underground’ and missing immigration hearing.
    detention must be stopped completely, not shorten, not improved conditions: stoped. it’s done to put pressure on people to go back to the hell they fled from, and sometimes is working. people flee detention right back to hell, signing documents saying they’ll go back.
    i believe detention causes long lasting psychological scars even with grownups, more severe with little kids. locking up innocent people without a trial, especially kids, is inhuman. and i’m tired of people saying it’s no big deal. they dont really suffer there, referring to detention as ‘nice centers’ and even ‘safe havens’. maybe they should try it and see how much they like it.
    your art might just wake peope up. keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the comment, appreciate it. The thing that makes me so sad is that there are examples in Australia, where refugees have been welcomed into communities – we do have it in us. The displacement of people is a growing phenomena, it’s not going to be fixed any time soon. Asylum seekers have only ever been a tiny minority of people who come to stay in Australia, surely their is a more “Australian” way of helping them? Thanks again and love your blog…

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