New Winter Themes

“Winter Tree” Images from 2018, the beginning of a new series dealing with social, personal and climatic change.

Making a bad situation worse

The refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island are refusing to leave the compound for fear of their lives. The Australian Government is systematically closing the centre down, shutting off power, ceasing supplies, pulling down fences. The hundreds of asylum seekers remaining stay on in increasingly desperate circumstances. “As well as the constant threat of being told to move to unsafe housing, the systematic…

“Autumn Play” Mixed media on paper laid down on board. Exhibited at the Belconnen Arts Centre in the “Traces 2” exhibition – two were sold. LEAVES AND STRANGERS Watching the everyday parade from a park bench in Canterbury, Melbourne. A place from my past were winds spoke in tongues and rogues looted cooly. Mothers and daughters, son’s and lovers, exiles and outcasts, file past the old…


Works painted at the beginning of 2017, in preparation for a large canvas I’m still yet to complete.

Seeking Refuge

Exhibition curated by Narelle Phillips of the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. I am very excited to have been invited to take part in this exhibition. The opening was a great occasion and an opportunity to meet other artists working with the same subject matter. My main piece in the show “Uncertain Voyage” was also used as the front cover of a new book published earlier…