The Family

"The Family" 2015 Gouache on paper

“The Family” 2015 Gouache on paper

In recent months I have concentrated on a series of works on paper on the theme of a family group. This is a theme that has been explored by many artists and I am particularly drawn to the images of Henry Moore during his “bomb shelter” era. I used my own family as a reference, assembling them to make a tableaux then expanding on basic this configuration to explore distortion and other structural variations.









M2C 3



Most of these works began as a simple monotype line drawing, and were taken in different directions using gouache, ink and pastel.


More Garden Images

"Cat in the grass" 2015 Acrylic on canvas 80 x 65 cm

“Cat in the grass” 2015 Acrylic on canvas 80 x 65 cm

Even in the minute wilderness in the corner of a modest backyard, there is a certain adventure to be had. Finding creatures that wiggle and squirm under a rock, sticks; stones and dirt that mimic an avalanche; leaves and vines that could be the terrain of a strange new world. A child’s garden is a place where imagination takes refuge, where games find a stage, and where time is strangled by inextricable creepers.

"Child's Garden" 2015 64 x 70cm

“Child’s Garden” 2015 64 x 70cm

"Child's Garden" Mixed media on paper 64 x 70 cm

“Child’s Garden” Mixed media on paper 64 x 70 cm



"Self Harm No.3" 2015 Monotype and gouache on paper

“Self Harm No.3”
2015 Monotype and gouache on paper

I have been working on two distinct themes this year. Continuing the Asylum Seeker pictures as well as the Child’s Garden series. I’m vacillating about putting in a proposal for a show “speak for me”, however I remain uncertain as to whether I have the right pictures for such an exhibition.

"Family Group" monotype 2015

“Family Group” monotype 2015

On the weekend I dressed the kids up with head scarves and took photos as reference for a new set of works on paper. I’ve had the idea of working on a family group for sometime but pushing my approach toward a more abstract configuration. I have always been a big fan of Henry Moore’s drawings and sculptures on this subject which will become evident as I post more of the images.

"Suffering" 2015 gouache on paper 50 x 60cm

“Suffering” 2015 gouache on paper 50 x 60cm

Lifestyle Choice


See the ink to this article…

Garden Rhythm – Evolution of a painting


This was painted in tandem with “A Child’s Garden” a some what more orthodox thematic approach. It occupies a piece of canvas that was first part of a large painting from 1994 “probation Broken”- A year of discovery, a year of trial and error, a year of great productivity and intense feelings.

"Probation Broken" 1994 160 x 210 m

“Probation Broken” 1994 160 x 210 m



I kept this fragment, just as I have many other works, because paintings remain constantly evolving. They reach conclusion  at unexpected times, and sometimes they fail to reach a point of resolution.

A New Flower

A New Flower

A New Flower

There is some strange hope that gets stirred up, with the promise of success. Success to the stranger and for those over familiar – a new flower.

"Figure Composition" Jan 2015 Gouache

“Figure Composition” Jan 2015 Gouache

Black Eye

"Madonna and Mirror" (bus stop paste-up) acrylic on paper March 2013

“Madonna and Mirror” (bus stop paste-up) acrylic on paper March 2013

I am working on a new street art piece to be placed in a bus shelter that I’m sure Hobit’s and other Middle earth folk would be proud to haunt. This is one from a while back, when I was in the first grasps of the thrill. I do believe  in this venue, as an new and ever expanding canvas, which belongs to the accidental critic. I just need a bit more energy!