New Winter Warning


“New Winter Warning” 2019 Mixed media on paper 67 x 53 cm




“THE BIG SMOKE” 2019 Mixed media on paper 80 x 65 cm


city,smoke and stars 2

“City Smoke and Stars No.2” Mixed media on Paper 2019

emissions 9

“Emissions No.9” 2019 Ink and enamel on paper 48 x 40 c


Emissions No.1″ 2018 Enamel on paper 50 x 40 cm

New Winter Themes

“Winter Tree” Images from 2018, the beginning of a new series dealing with social, personal and climatic change.

Abbott Proof Fence

My response to pro Abbott graffiti

My response to pro Abbott graffiti



A better photo of the bird mural. I’m thinking of turning this place into a street art gallery.

I Still Call Australia Home


"I Still Call Australia Home" (bus stop paste-up) acrylic on paper February 2013

“I Still Call Australia Home” (bus stop paste-up) acrylic on paper 

A new home, we are here, almost – yet still caged and treated like a problem to be dealt with. Some invisible process continues, digging for a reason to send us back. If they dig deep enough, I’m afraid they might reach my heart, and damage all that is left of me. I came with only the heart to start again. I will offer it to them in place of identity papers with my lineage scribbled in a spiral to the core. Unpinning the paper heart, I shall then let it float on the breeze before snagging on barbed wire. Animals are kept in pens, to stop them escaping and sheep behind fences to stop them demolishing the garden. If I could speak words with wings, they would also be ripped by the sharp edges, then plummet no further than the rocks and white breakers surrounding the Island. “Will you tell me what is wrong” – he breathed – conscious of the physical process in doing so. The voice seemed distant, though he longed to embrace it, to drown in it rather than be left. Is it true that some have sown their lips together?


“If you lived in a country governed by a tyrannical regime, and your parents had been killed, and family members had been brutalised and put in prison without trial or in some cases shot without trial, what would you then do? You could not go to the government and ask for papers. That would immediately get you into trouble. So people travel without papers, something recognised in the 1954 Refugee Convention, to which Australia was one of the first signatories.


With regard to Australian policy on Nauru and on Manus Island, ask yourself this: are we prepared to allow our government to establish a regime so brutal that the terror it creates would rival the terror from which people flee?”

Recent work on paper.

Recent work on paper.



Children In Detention


The United Nations guidelines on the detention of asylum seekers make it clear that children, protected by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, should not be placed in detention for any length of time. The experience of detention may mimic the experience of human rights abuses, persecution and terror. Detention is highly traumatising for children who are less able to understand explanations as to the reason they have been detained.

Recent picture, part stencil part drawing

Recent picture, part stencil part drawing